Flexterra Growth Medium Distributor

Tired of eroding slopes and lack of plant life because of the erosion? Spray Grass Industries can help. We are a Flexterra Growth Medium distributor in the Northern Territory for all your erosion control and revegetation needs.

How does Flexterra Growth Medium benefit you?

This product can be applied to any landscaping areas that might be more at risk for erosion control. It is non-toxic and can work for any slope or plot of land, including sensitive soil and steep slopes.

Additionally, this product allows for minimal preparation. SGI will apply the product to the intended spot. Flexterra provides a bonding protection with a high rate of erosion control.

Flexterra Growth Medium retains both nutrients and water while reducing soil loss.

Best of all, Flexterra Growth Medium is eco-friendly. It is made from 100% recycled materials, and its contents are 100% biodegradable.

All in all, these benefits work together to ensure the best possible erosion control for your landscaping projects.

How can we help?

As locals, we understand the weather conditions and natural soil changes that can lead to erosion and lack of vegetation. We use that knowledge to safely and effectively apply Flexterra Growth Medium to your soil.

SGI provides services to many areas, including mining and commercial building areas, sports fields, parks and subdivisions. You can rely on us for prompt, customised service for your specific site’s needs.

Please call us on 0400 832 896 or 0428 337 555 to discuss your specific needs now.