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Permanent & Temporary Irrigation

From temporary irrigation of roadsides, housing estates and revegation projects to permanent irrigation of schools, ovals and orchards, with everything inbetween. SGI has all your irrigation needs covered. With its beginnings as Koole Irrigation, SGI has over 40 years combined experience installing all sorts of irrigation projects in the Northern Territory.

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Spray Grass, Hydroseeding & Overseeding

Whatever the grassing requirements of your project, SGI have the solution for you. With one of the largest hydromulch units in the Northern Territory, we can cater for jobs of any size. With a tractor driven seeder, fertiliser spreaders and cultivators, we provide much more than just seeding of lawns.

Lawn Establishment & Maintenance

 At SGI we take pride in our work and enjoy seeing your project develop to the best possible product as much as you do. To help on this endevour we provide maintenance and establishment services, to fit in with your project requirements. From fertilising, to keep the grass healthy and vibrant, to mowing and establishment of lawn areas or batter protection works.

Soil Supply & Levelling

To create a good finished lawn, your grassing project should have a good start. It is important to provide a good topsoil base for the grass seed to get its roots into. To avoid pooling and providing runoff of extra water it is essential to get the levels right from the start. At SGI we strive to use top quality soil and provide the topsoiling job your project deserves.

Native Revegetation

From mine sites, to landscaped garden beds, to revegation of disturbed areas, seeding of native species is a huge portion of environmental erosion control. With the progress of mining, civil projects and housing estates, it is often unavoidable to prevent the damage of native trees and plants. With the ability to source native seed SGI can provide the native revegetation requirements of your project.

A property in Darwin receiving erosion control services

Erosion & Dust Control

In the Northern Territory we deal some huge environmental extremes. One of the biggest threats to landscaping and the agricultural industry in general is erosion. Whether from water or wind if these environmental factors are not properly controlled in the right places, the terrain can become damaged, leading to erosion, pollution or unsafe working conditions. With the use of temporary irrigation and access to state of the art eroision control products, SGI are equiped to deal with your environmental needs.

Locally Owned And Trusted

SGI is proud to be a family owned and operated local company. From its origins in 1988 as Koole Irrigation, the company has continued to grow and develop re-establishing as Spray Grass Industries Pty Ltd in 2011. Having installed commercial and domestic irrigation systems in the Northern Territory for 22 years, Spray Grass Industries Pty Ltd has developed from a small irrigation company to a respected leader in the grassing and erosion control industry. With dedication to quality, safety and time efficiency, SGI can handle all your grassing and erosion control needs.

We Have The Tools To Handle Any Project

With one of the biggest hydromulch units in the Northern Territory and years of experience with the local conditions, we have the means to take on any project. Whether domestic, commercial or industrial, we have the tools, equipment and knowledge to work on any site. From parks and sporting fields to minesites and drainage easments, with everything in between. We provide a wide variety of grassing, irrigation and lawn maintenance services, including hydro mulch, hydro seeding and over-seeding.

Quality Service And Advice

Regardless of your job requirements, our team knows how to take care of your project. With years of knowledge and experience, customising the service to accommodate individual needs isn’t a problem. Most important to us is our quality and customer satisfaction, so we collaborate with you throughout the entire project to ensure your project meets all your expectations, in a safe and timely manor.

Greening The Top End

Being local Territorians, we have a lot of pride in the place we live. That pride leads us to deliver a quality of work that we ourselves would be happy with in our own backyard. Unlike other companies that come up from interstate to complete projects and leave afterwards, we remain to ensure your project requirements are met and our customers are satisfied with the work they recieve. We believe that it is crutial to have good comunication and endevour to ensure good relationships are kept with everyone we deal with.

Servicing Many Types Of Sites

Between our large spray unit and smaller more versitile unit, we can handle almost any task. No job is too big or too small. Our services extend to all kinds of businesses, whether commercial or industrial, including mining sites, sports fields, parks, ovals, sub-divisions, civil sites, local council and government projects. What’s more, with our available mobile service, we have the capacity to travel anywhere in the Northern Territory, North Queensland or North Western Australia. The team at Spray Grass Industries is always happy to discuss your spray grass needs.

Catering For Your Spray Grass Needs In The Northern Territory

Spray Grass Industries Pty Ltd, formerly Koole Irrigation, has been operational for over 30 years and is immensely proud to be a family-run business specialising in quality irrigation and grassing solutions.

SGI can provide the following services:

  • Native revegetation
  • Spray grass (hydromulch)
  • Hydroseeding
  • Temporary Irrigation
  • Permanent Irrigation
  • Erosion control
  • Dust control
  • Soil levelling
  • Soil supply
  • Lawn establishment
  • Over-seeding
  • Cultivation

What Is Spray Grass ?

Spray Grass or Hydromulch is the combination of grass seed, fertiliser, binder (Glue), coloured dye and a mulch product. This mulch can consist of either wood fibre, paper or straw and can be alternated to suit the particular job requirements.

All products are combined in a specially designed tank and sprayed onto the ground as a paper mache type application. The hydromulch provides the seed with protection from the elements and provides extra water holding capabilities for the seed. With adequate watering and care, germination can be achieved in just a matter of days.

Spray Grass Industries uses predominantly recylcled materials for their hydromulch solutions.

Refined Erosion & Dust Control

Here at Spray Grass Industries, we know the severe weather experienced in the Top End. Without proper protection from these severe weather conditions, the damage caused by erosion can be devestating, often leading to enviromental damage and huge restoration costs. Our experienced team has the products and knowledge to combat erosion & dust effectively. From the application of Jute mesh and silt fencing to the finest dust suppresssion and erosion control products.

Native Revegetation

Whether its the rehabilitaton of mine sites, landscaped graden beds or revegation of disturbed areas, seeding of native species is a huge portion of environmental erosion control. In the Top End we have a large proportion of  native bushland. With the progress of mining and development it is inevitable that some of these areas may need to be cleared for works to be completed. With the use of seeds from native grasses, trees and shrubs, SGI can cater a revegetation solution for your project.

Soil Supply & Spreading

Creating a good finished product begins from the start. The most important part of a good lawn is the topsoil that is used. It is important to make sure that the soil is free from weed, to ensure that your not battling weeds from the very beginning of your grassing project. At SGI we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and ensure that all soil levelling is completed to the best possible product. With the machinery and knowledge to tackle both small and big projects, the team from Spray Grass Industries are happy to talk to you about your topsoiling needs.

Permanent & Temporary Irrigation

With over 40 years combined experience in both permanent and temporary irrigation systems in the Northern Territory, SGI are well equiped to complete your irrigation needs. Formally Koole Irrigation, SGI has complete countless jobs throughout the territory. From housing estates in Farrar, Lyons, Johnston, Zuccoli and Muirhead to name a few, with the addition of golf courses, schools, ovals, parks, orchards and tree plantations, SGI (Koole Irrigation) have become  well known throughout the Top End for both their permanent and temporary irrigation works.

Grass Establishment

Quite often in tenders and contracts, there is specifications to provide maintance during the establishment period. From mowing to fertilising and watering, SGI have your needs covered. Maintaining the grass and keeping the job site neat and tidy can often be a hassle as most often the maintenance period runs past the duration of the job. By offering these services, you can be sure that your grassing project will be kept healthy and tidy throughout your maintenance requirements.

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